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Ultra Sound

Released February 24, 2022      Running time: 41:11

A blend of melodic hard rock, funky blues, ambient classical, earthy folk, smooth jazz fusion, and art prog rock.


Jun Abe - Keyboards on Volcanic Rock and Smooth Sailing
Misaki - Vocals on Fast Friends, Heat Wave, Volcanic Rock and High Five
Jordan Abraham - Accordion on Midnight Voyage
Renato Rodrigues - Bass guitar on Volcanic Rock
Slang - Electric and classical guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming

All songs written by Slang
Produced, mixed and mastered by Slang.

Album cover illustration by Jessica Canard.
Album cover concept by Slang.

Track Listing:

1)  Fast Friends
2)  Heat Wave
3)  Ricochet
4)  Midnight Voyage
5)  Supersonar
6)  Volcanic Rock
7)  High Five
8)  Smooth Sailing
9)  Orca
10)  Slow Boat Home