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Released February 18, 2023      Running time: 48:54

A mixture of melodic hard rock, groovy blues funk, sunny pop rock and ambient prog rock.


Jun Abe - Synth solo on Jelly Bean
Misaki - Vocals on Alley Cat, Vibra and Jelly Bean
Anthony Spruill - Saxophone on Vibra
KoNa - Bass guitar on Vibra
Slang - Electric and classical guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming

All songs written by Slang
Produced, mixed and mastered by Slang.

Album cover design by Slang.

Track Listing:

1)  Alley Cat
2)  Moving Mountains
3)  Vibra
4)  Flash Flood
5)  Kaleidoscope Sky
6)  Jelly Bean
7)  Shaggy Doo
8)  Twirl
9)  Bounce
10)  Prophecy